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80/20 loans, zero down loans, 100 percent financing

Zero Down Home Buying

Zero down home buying with the ever popular 80/20 no mortgage insurance loan. The 80/20 loan (100 percent financing) allows home buyers with all types of credit avoid PMI (private mortgage insurance).


no equity loans, 125 loans, 125% loans

No Equity Loans

Reap the benefits of being a homeowner by accessing up to 125% of your home's value.  Use the money to consolidate debts, make home improvements, buy another property or any other purpose!


40 year loan

40 Year Loans

WOW! Lower your payments even more with the Midas Financial 40 year loan! Forty year loans are available for home refinancing as well as home buying (even with our 100 percent financing or zero down loans!) 40 year amortization may be just the loan to help you buy a home in California

interest only loan, California mortgage

Interest Only Loans

Interest only loans are available as home purchase loans or home refinance loans. Interest only loans allow homeowners the option of making a monthly "interest only" payment or including additional money directly toward the principal loan balance.  Interest only loans typically allow homebuyers to qualify for higher loan amounts as well.  In some cases, an interest only option may also be available on second mortgages.

home refinancing, refinance, California,

California refinance loans have never been easier!  Cash out refinance loans and rate term refinance loans for all credit needs.

homebuying, home buying, home purchase, zero down

Home buying is a breeze with Midas Financial. Mortgage loans are available for all types of homebuyers with all types of credit.  Zero down loans with no PMI (Private Mortgage Insurance) either as 80/20 loans or as one loan 100 percent financing. First time home buyer programs with low fixed rates or adjustable rates.

no equity loan, 125 loans

No equity loans (125 loans) are available to homeowners with good to excellent credit. No equity loans allow homeowners to get cash out for any purpose (up to 125% of your home value).
debt reduction, consolidate debts, home equity, HELOC
Debt consolidation loans enable homeowners to consolidate debts and lower monthly payments by tapping into their home equity.  Savvy homeowners may turn their non-deductible debt into deductible debt!


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