California zero down loan, no down, 80/20 loan, buy home zero down


Zero Down Loans- California


Zero Down Loans


Zero down loans allow home buyers to finance 100 percent of the home purchase price.


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California zero down loan, no down 80/20 loan, buy home zero down

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Pre-Qualification service is FREE and there is no obligation for California homeowners thinking about refinancing their home or for California home buyers exploring their home buying options. We do not collect social security numbers and your credit will not be run.


Zero down loans enable California home buyers to finance 100 percent of their home purchase price.  Zero down loans may be available for both owner occupied properties as well as investment properties.


Many home buyers have been under the false assumption that buying a home in California required a down payment of 10-20%. Not so!  In fact 100 percent financing is quickly becoming the norm for purchasing a home.


With 100 percent financing (or zero down loans), home buyers may finance 100 percent of the home purchase amount.  Typically, an escrow deposit is required ( but that deposit is credited toward closing costs.  It is not part of the loan, and it is not required by the lender.


Zero down loans can either be one loan of 100 percent, or 100 percent financing can be in the form of the popular 80/20 loan.  The 80/20 loan is simply an 80 percent first mortgage and a 20 percent second mortgage.


Your Midas Financial loan consultant will be able to assist you in determining what type of zero down loan may work best for you and your family.

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